Only in a few niche areas CRTs are still the display of choice or are needed for recurring replacements. Avionic platforms like aircrafts and helicopter with long lifetimes of the systems require constant maintenance and a secured availability of spare parts.

The origin of Dr. Gassler Electron Devices traces back to the old German company Telefunken, which built the first CRTs for integration into an aircraft more than 70 years ago. The successors of Telefunken: AEG, Thomson, Thales and Samtel added many different designs to the huge archive of specifications and manufacturing files of the today company Dr. Gassler Electron Devices.

At Dr.Gassler Electron Devices we believe in the unique technical possibilities of electron beams and we are using our core competences to develop and manufacture electron systems for various applications. Electron guns designed originally for CRTs are adapted to the specific needs of applications in the scientific world as well for medical applications. These new applications, built on the same basic technology as CRTs, guarantee the support of CRTs also in the future. Even when total requirements for CRTs may be further reduced, our new other applications allow us to continue the supply of professional CRTs also in the coming years. 

Helmet Mounted Displays

Dr. GASSLER ELECTRON DEVICES is the leading supplier of Cathode Ray Tubes for various, prestigious Helmet Mounted Display programs in Europe, USA, Asia and in many other countries.

Thousands of pilots in countless aircrafts and helicopter around the globe rely on our unmatched quality standards and performance.

You can find our CRTs for HMDs on F5, F15, F16, F18, F22, Rafale, Mirage ... and thousands of various utility helicopter.

Head Up Displays

Our Cathode Ray Tubes for Head Up Displays are an integral part for many different system manufacturer, integrators and supply centers. Our huge archive gives us the possibility to manufacture designs developed even many years ago by AEG, Thomson, Thales or Samtel.

Send us any available information, we will identify the exact part number, check drawings and specifications and offer a competitive solution. 

Head Down Displays

Even in the age of flat panel displays, Head Down Displays based on Cathode Ray Tubes are doing their great job in many different legacy aircraft.

To keep these high valued displays working is our mission.

Send us your requirement – we will be happy to supply spares or 100% equivalent replacements. Our huge data base with numerous specifications and drawings helps us to offer a cost efficient solution.

Replacements/ Spares for Radar etc., Specialties