Phosphor Screens

At Dr. Gassler Electron Devices we are using several different technologies to coat a substrate with phosphor:

  • Sedimentation - the phosphor grains are “glued” together with Potassium-Silicate. Screen thickness can be adjusted from 10 -100 µm
  • Serigraphic printing - the phosphor is printed through a few micrometer wide mesh onto the substrate. Particle size typically 2-8 µm, screen thickness from a few to 20 µm adjustable, this process delivers phosphor coatings with very high brightness and resolution
  • Brushing - the phosphor is pressed with a specific rotating foam into a thin layer of glue. Suitable for small screens from 5 to 30 millimeter diameter, phosphor coatings with particle size 2-3 µm are very dense with high resolution

We can provide two different ways to ensure the electrical contact of the plate:

  • ITO Coating directly onto the substrate. Typically, the ITO coating is sputtered onto the glass substrate, followed by a printed phosphor layer on top.
  • The phosphor is printed directly to the glass and is covered with a thin layer of evaporated aluminum. The electron beam passes easily through the aluminum. The light created by the phosphor is reflected by the aluminum towards the viewer direction and increases the brightness. Additionally, all disturbing light from a glowing substrate is blocked by the aluminum and contrast is significantly enhanced.

RHEED Screen Holder

RHEED-Screens are very sensitive against any kind of contacts by fingertips, screwdriver or tweezers. The phosphor surface can be damaged quite easily.
That's why we created our own "Easy-to-use"- RHEED Screen Holder. No tools are required to mount the RHEED Screen, therefore no unintentional damages can hurt your new RHEED Screen. A detailed Manual how to mount a screen is delivered with each holder.
We can supply RHEED Screen Holder for all standard screen diameter of 36 mm, 55 mm, 93 mm and 135 mm 

Custom designed Phosphor Coatings

Our decades of experience in all kinds of phosphor coatings allows us to offer the best suitable technique also for a bit exotic application. Whenever your application or set up requires the visualization of a charged particles beam, we may be able to coat your part with the scintillator you need.
In close co-operation with our partners we develop individual phosphor coatings on almost every suitable substrate, shape or design – from single pieces to serial production.

Just tell us your requirement and together we will find a solution. 

Part Number Glass Type X-Ray Diameter Thickness Conduction Phosphor Remarks
    protection in mm in mm via Color  
1005 Schott RD50 X 36 2,0 Aluminium P43, green  
1004 Schott RD50 X 55 5,0 Aluminium P43, green  
1022 Schott RD50 X 61 5,0 Aluminium P43, green  
1002 Schott RD50 X 93 5,0 Aluminium P43, green  
1031 Schott RD50 X 93 5,0 Aluminium P43, green 30mm free sector
1032 Schott RD50 X 93 5,0 Aluminium P43, green 20mm free sector
1032 Schott RD50 X 93 5,0 Aluminium P43Pr, green Praseodymium act.
1036 Schott RD51 X 93 5,0 Aluminium P11, blue  
1018 Schott RD50 X 100 5,0 Aluminium P43, green  
1003 Schott RD50 X 135 5,0 Aluminium P43, green  
1016 Schott RD50 X 135 5,0 Aluminium P43Pr, green Praseodymium act.
1025 Schott RD50 X 93 5,0 ITO P11, blue  
1014 Schott RD50 X 93 5,0 ITO P43, green  
1024 Schott RD50 X 135 5,0 ITO P43, green  
1030 Borosilicate - 52 3,2 Aluminium P43, green  
1017 Borosilicate - 93 3,2 Aluminium P43, green  
1023 Borosilicate - 93 3,2 Aluminium P43, green 30mm free sector
1037 Borosilicate - 93 3,2 Aluminium P43, green 20mm free sector
1027 Borosilicate - 93 3,2 Aluminium P11, blue 30mm free sector
1026 Borosilicate - 140 3,2 Aluminium P43, green  
1019 Borosilicate - 93 3,2 ITO P1, green  
1020 Borosilicate - 93 3,2 ITO P11, blue  
1021 Borosilicate - 93 3,2 ITO P1, green 20mm free sector
1035 Borosilicate - 93 3,2 ITO P15, green  
1028 Borosilicate - 135 3,2 ITO P1, green  
1015 Borosilicate - 143 3,2 ITO P43, green  
1029 Borosilicate - 143 3,2 ITO P1, green  

Camera and data analysis

iRHEED is a professional RHEED analysis system optimized for productivity and real-time analysis of the measurement data.

It is designed by a RHEED expert, incorporating decades of experience in RHEED research.

Implemented from scratch using the latest software technologies and newly developed analysis algorithms, iRHEED puts powerful and extremely accurate data analysis at your fingertips with a modern and intuitive multitouch user interface. The GUI front end is published as open source software, allowing you to analyze, modify and extend the system.

iRHEED offers a smooth upgrade path to versions with additional features such as line scans, radar scans, and high-resolution cameras (in preparation).


Viewport, shutter, shielding

We supply a variety of different viewports to fix RHEED Screens with holder. Special configurations can be realized according user’s requirement.

Complete assemblies consisting of viewport, shutter and specifically designed shielding will be built for your setup.

HiPressure RHEED Screen Assembly

In a PLD machine its often necessary to mount the RHEED Screen very close to the substrate to avoid further absorption and distortion of the scattered electron beam.
The distance substrate to RHEED Screen will be adjusted individually to the size of your chamber. A Tantalum shielding directly in front of the RHEED Screen shutter protects the screen assembly from excessive heat. A camera system can be  mounted and focused to the RHEED screen.